While this is mostly a domain for personal use, I do offer hosting for TCG Trade Posts and TCGs only! However, this hosting "service" is very informal and only for those I am familiar with for personal reasons, as well as because I'm just not sure how much my domain and hosting plan can handle. As a result, please do not apply if you haven't receive an offer from me personally! You may still ask for hosting without me offering first but please understand I may turn you down if I feel like I don't know you well enough.

If you have received a hosting offer though then please read the rules below. If you agree to follow them, you can then fill out the form below and submit it! I will get back to you as soon as I can and get you set up as quickly as possible.


  • Do not use your website to host anything illegal, harmful (ie. viruses and the likes), not work-safe, etc.! You know, the usual stuff.
  • Please do not give out any log-ins and important information to others, especially others who are not hosted by me! I don't want to put your site or anyone else's who is hosted with me at risk by allowing those I'm not familiar with to access the server/domain that so many others depend on in case anything happens.
    • If you need help with coding or anything that you'd need to pass your logins to someone else, please alert me first or alternatively, ask me for help!!
  • Try to keep your website as active/updated as possible! If I visit your site and see that it doesn't look like it's been updated in a long while, it may be deleted without warning to free up space and de-clutter on my end.
  • If you'll be taking a break for a while or need a hiatus but still want to keep your site, just contact me and say so! Feel free to use the e-mail I'll respond to your hosting application with, or another contact method you have of mine (if any).
  • Because this hosting service is so informal and I'm a forgetful person, I don't regularly do back ups of databases, files, etc. Please do those yourself if you're paranoid about losing anything or choose to be hosted with me if you're not comfortable with that!
    • In certain cases like site-wide issues or if I ever stop hosting/owning a domain or something similar, I will make sure to let all hostees know in some way or another and create back ups so you may take them with you to your next host.
  • Please link back to MILKBAERI.NET somewhere on your site!


As a MILKBAERI.NET hostee, you will get:
  • One (1) sub-domain with a URL of your choice ( )
  • One (1) MySQL database*
  • One (1) e-mail address** ( )
  • eTCG (for both trade posts and TCGs) and/or MyTCG (TCGs only) pre-installed, upon request only
  • A hostess who is always willing to help with coding, troubleshooting, etc. related to your site, when available
* More databases may be requested and granted on a case-by-case basis so feel free to ask if you think you need more!
** You can also use this e-mail as a possible solution for e-mails not being sent or received and have them forwarded to your actual address instead.


If all of this sounds good to you, please fill out this Google Form and wait for a reply from me! I will try to respond ASAP but please give me at least 1 week (7 days) as I do have job and other commitments to attend to, as well as hobbies/interests that I like to do when I do have free time (and sometimes I'm just too plain tired or lazy to do anything).

If you haven't received a reply from me by then, reach out to me again either through e-mail ( cassidytcg[@] ), Twitter, or on Discord ( moonpillows#8845 ). All of these are also available as regular contact methods should you need me for anything, even as a hostee!